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Estepona (Malaga)

The best food

Tapas - Fish - Meat


Fish and vegetables are cooked together in a thousand ways to give life to Estepona’s cuisine, a real treat for the senses. Andalucian restaurants which maintain the old customs and which have a delicious flavour reminiscent of its past, tapas routes which extend along the whole of calle Real and numerous restaurants which also offer international cuisine, but without forgetting the famous sardine skewer.

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Going out for tapas is one of the most typical gastronomic customs in Spain. Small aperitifs to whet the appetite with good wine. In Estepona, calle Real and Plaza de las Flores boast a great number of establishments. For tapas we can highlight in this town:


Best food Taberna de Lucía (10 min by car)
At La Taberna de Lucía you can try typical Mediterranean dishes. As well as tapas, among their specialties we can draw attention to the fresh fish from Estepona bay and Iberian meats.

Best food La Galería (10 min by car)
At this restaurant you can find a large range of tapas with a Mediterranean flavour. Of note are its cheeses, earthenware dishes and melba toasts with varied toppings.

Best food El Capote (10 by car)
Located in the centre of Estepona, El Capote is particularly known for its barquetes. This restaurant is always a good option for those who want to eat tapas as it has a wide variety, as well as sandwiches, main meals and homemade desserts.

Best food Rada Tapas (10 min by car)
This restaurant has a terrace opposite the beach which makes it particularly charming. As well as a varied selection of tapas, Rada offers all kinds of baked or grilled fish and seafood.

Best food Sabor Andaluz (10 min by car)
This culinary corner decorated in the most exquisite Andalucian style specialises in the best Iberian products: varied barquetes, salted products and cheeses. Here you can also taste a selection of wines from Andalucia.

Best food Sabor Rociero (10 min by car)
Sabor Rociero has a pretty Andalucian patio so you can enjoy the most traditional settings of this region. In peaceful surroundings you can try Iberian products and the best tapas. Inicio



The preferred options in the gastronomic repertoire of Estepona are salted fish, sardine skewers and octopus salad. Having said this, you must try typical Malaga fried fish and the famous soups, among which gazpacho acquires local touches as seen in the gazpachuelo (soup made from fish and garlic mayonnaise) and ajoblanco (cold garlic and almond soup).


Best food La Escollera (10 min by car)
A restaurant with a traditional maritime atmosphere, here you can try freshly caught fish. It is a simple place that conserves the typical flavours of the area.

Best food El Club Náutico (10 min by car)
A restaurant in the heart of the Marina which offers unbeatable sea views. It has a great variety of tapas where Mediterranean fish is the star ingredient.

Best food Simonito (15 min by car)
This restaurant has a selection of fresh fish and seafood displayed in a glass tank, where diners can chose what they would like to eat. Turbot, horse mackerel and sardines are some of the dishes that you can try.

Best food El Pescador (15 min by car)
From a good octopus, clams, great shrimps, prawns to all kinds of fish such as squid and puntillitas (very small squid). Grilled fish are the strongpoint of this restaurant with a maritime flavour. Inicio



Despite the coastal nature of Estepona it mustn’t be forgotten that in this enclave you can try good grilled meats. A wide range of restaurants specialise in this type of cuisine.


Best food La Menoráh (5 min by car or 15 min on foot)
La Menoráh offers Andalucian cuisine made with products from the region. Some of its specialties are cabbage stew from Cadiz, lamb roasted in a wood-burning oven and veal tripe with chickpeas.

Best food Casa de mi Abuela (15 min by car)
In a cosy, peaceful atmosphere the Casa de mi Abuela restaurant offers a varied menu with all kinds of meat cooked with traditional ingredients.

Best food Restaurante El Sur (15 min by car)
The restaurant is decorated with typical Argentine country decor making for a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Among the specialties we can highlight the charcoal-grilled Argentine meats, which gives them a special, unmistakable flavour. The star dish is the veal sirloin accompanied by potatoes and glazed vegetables.

Best food El Carnicero (20 min by car)
The El Carnicero restaurant offers a type of cuisine which specialises in meats made in a great variety of ways, not just concerning the method of cooking, but also the herbs and sauces used. Inicio

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Fuerte Estepona
Vivian (Kehrade) / 01-Jul- 2014